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                                                MITCH ANTHONY 

For almost two decades, Mitch and his team have provided training and development for both individual advisors and major organizations throughout the world. Mitch personally consults with many of the largest and most-recognizable names in the financial services industry on both financial life planning and relationship development.           


Mitch is also the author of many groundbreaking books for advisors and consumers, including perennial bestseller StorySelling for Financial Advisors. His other books include The New Retirementality, Defining Conversations, From the Boiler Room to the Living Room, The Financial Professional’s StoryBook, Your Clients for Life, Your Client’s Story, Selling with Emotional Intelligence and The Financial Lit Kit.      



Dr. Tracy Gapin is a board-certified urologist, world-renowned health and performance expert and the founder of the Gapin Institute for High Performance Health.


He’s a thought leader, a professional speaker, and the author of the
best-selling books Male 2.0 and Codes of Longevity.


His passion and purpose is providing Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes a personalized path to more energy, more brain power and focus. 


He’s the creator of the N1 High Performance Health Program that provides the data-driven approaches you need to optimize your brain and body for peak performance. 

                   STEVE KNOX

Steve spent the first decade of his career working for faith-based NGOs and in the higher education space building teams and developing leaders across North America and Asia-Pacific.


Over the past 17+ years he’s had the privilege to help families, entrepreneurs and teams all over the planet make their greatest contribution in life.


Steve is a sought after private coach and consultant who teaches the timeless skills of compassion, confidence and courage. He’s an aspiring painter, bogey golfer, author of four books, and founder of the world’s most practical personality assessment: imprint. Steve lives with his wife in Houston, Texas.  


Chris Heerlein, a Texas native, is partner at Reap Financial and founder of REAP Private Client Group (RPCG), a family practice that helps private business owners, top-level executives and affluent individuals create, transition, preserve and grow their wealth over generations.

Chris is an Amazon best-selling author with his most recent release, “Divorce With Dignity” (2019) and “Money Won’t Buy Happiness But Time To Find It” (2017). Chris is a featured columnist for Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine and has been featured in Fortune, Money Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek and U.S. News & World Report. In addition to his work with clients, Chris hosts Wealth Radio each Thursday at 6 PM and Saturday at 1 PM on NewsRadio KLBJ and has been a featured speaker on other podcasts.


Chris lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Hannah, and three children: Evangeline, Paloma and Christopher. Chris is an active supporter of numerous charitable endeavors and an accomplished musician.

                     MARK RICHARDS



Mark is a 30-year media executive with experience in helping build some of the top media companies in the United States, while also improving top line revenue throughout his career. As a leader with companies including Viacom, CBS Radio, ABC Radio and Television, Cumulus Media, Cox Media Group and The Walt Disney Company, Mark’s focus has always been on helping teams grow and improve their performance at every level of business. Over the course of his programming career, Mark helped brand and develop music and media celebrities as well as professional athletes. He continues to work with the entertainment community to connect these celebrities to a growing fanbase.


Mark’s strategic vision, along with his ability to build remarkable teams, led to the creation of the most successful direct response media team in the Finance industry.


Today as President & CEO at 3Stage Media, Mark and his partners work with a team of innovators, continuing to challenge the status quo by helping clients in Finance, Law, Real Estate and Health Care to reach new levels of success through broadcast, digital media and celebrity association.


Paul has been in private practice as a psychotherapist in Sarasota, Florida for over 40 years. He also consults with community organizations and businesses around mental health concerns.  He is the administrator and owner of an employment assistance program for local businesses under the name of West Coast Employment Assistance Program.


Paul received his undergraduate degree at New York University and master’s degree at Columbia University.


He prides himself on being committed to forming relationships where he is an equal partner in the interchange.  People require authenticity and active participation so they can rediscover their core sense of self without having to resort to defensive or aggressive patterns.  His conversations are practice for how people can function in other aspects of their lives, both personal and business.  New pathways produce new possibilities. The risk of exposing recurring patterns leads to the discovery of the core sense of self that carries the strengths and experience to ensure emotional reciprocity, trust, and intimate connection.


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